Improve Security by Raising Skills

To quote Bruce Schneier, the respected American cryptographer, computer security professional, privacy specialist and writer, ‘Amateurs hack systems; professionals hack people!’

Security is NOT just about implementing the latest technology – although that is important too. Often the biggest improvements you can make to your security could be made at little or no cost.

At Thomas Stanford Cyberhub we understand the importance of ensuring that everyone in your organisation understands the simple steps they each need to take to reduce the likelihood of a security breach.  We also offer guidance on how to prevent future breaches.

We deliver training in a range of different formats.  These include open, public sessions in conjunction with key partners such as RBS, flexible online training for popular topics including Phishing Defence and bespoke training to help you address specific requirements for your organisation.

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TSCh : Thomas Stanford Cyberhub : Approach

Our approach mimics the well-understood example of Health & Safety. In today’s workplace everyone understands that health and safety is not just the responsibility of a few individuals; everyone is equally responsible for the safety of themselves and everyone else.

Applying this to cyber security, it is not only the IT team who bear the responsibility, it is up to everyone to play their part, be aware of the dangers and act appropriately.

We address a critical issue that is often ignored.

In reality it is not a question of ‘IF’ you will suffer a security breach; it is simply a matter of ‘WHEN’ it will take place.

Understanding that a breach is inevitable helps to ensure that effective plans for recovery are put in place and that these are regularly rehearsed so that full operations can be restored and the impact on operations is minimised.

Thomas Stanford Cyberhub’s training sessions address key areas of people development for security:

  • Management training to encourage a culture of awareness, understanding, openness and responsibility across all areas of the business.
  • User training to raise recognition of individual responsibility and develop best-practice behaviours.

These are non-technical sessions that include ‘jargon buster’ examples to help all managers and users to quickly address the issues that can affect your business.

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