Driving Business Growth in a Connected World

‘Half of CEOs expect their industries to be substantially or unrecognisably transformed by digital.’

Source: Gartner 2016 CEO and Senior Business Executive Survey.

Until recently most organisations delegated their technology function to an IT department or an external provider. This approach worked fine when we relied on an internal, ring-fenced network accessible only to a restricted pool of managed users.

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However, the world has changed and with it our reliance on our digital systems. Almost every organisation, no matter how large or small, is already adopting a hybrid mix of systems that include an increasing number of cloud-based applications and services.

Recent reports from a variety of sources including Gartner, PWC and others show that businesses of all sizes that embrace technology and place digital strategies at their core are growing faster and with increased sustainability.

Business owners and public sector leaders can no longer simply delegate IT functions and remain at arm’s length.  There needs to be a cohesive link between business and technology that supports the goals, objectives and compliance.

To ensure growth, it is now essential to bring digital technologies into the heart of your business plan.

Embracing this change is not always straight forward and often requires a culture change across the organisation.

Thomas Stanford has a proven track record in helping both commercial businesses and the public sector to develop successful strategies for growth and success in a digital world.

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